Life Meets Code

Making excuses to tinker with new tech

While updating some Vagrant config files, I was curious how long it was taking for a box to build from scratch. I tried dumping out timestamps directly in the Vagrantfile, but ultimately decided to look for a Bash-specific method that would be more universal and let me time some other Linux com...

Recently I've been diagnosing some WI-FI connection issues at home and needed a way to find what channels were being used. In the past, I've used an app on an old Android phone I had lying around, but decided I needed a more practical way. So I set off to DuckDuckGo for an answer.

It didn't take l...

Easterseals is a wonderful organization that has helped our family in many ways. Read our story and learn how you can help kids get the therapy they need.

I've been putting of writing the obligatory "Hello world" post as I didn't quite know what to say. So I think I'll keep it short and simple.