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Easterseals is a wonderful organization that has helped our family in many ways. Read our story and learn how you can help kids get the therapy they need.

I'm part of the Easterseals VIP fundraising team at CEFCU. Why do I help raise money for Easter Seals? My family has a personal history with Easter Seals. Here's our story:

In 2011, we found out our daughter, Edyn, had a severe phonological delay. At 26 months old, she had the expressive speech (i.e., spoken language) of a 14 month old. Communication in our house was extremely difficult. We started with a speech therapist at another institution the summer after Edyn's second birthday. We had about 6 sessions with that therapist and Edyn could not get comfortable with her. We were making no progress so we began the search for a new speech therapist and found Easter Seals. On the first visit, we had a breakthrough as she felt immediately comfortable at the facility and responded well to her new therapist.

In addition to her phonological delay, Edyn was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder. A person with this disorder finds it difficult to process and act upon information that's processed through the body's senses. In order to help her cope, she started feeding therapy and counselling through Easter Seals.

Edyn graduated from feeding and speech therapy shortly before her fourth birthday a happy, chatty little girl. At her final evaluation when she was 45 months old, she had the expressive speech of a 50 month old! That was 36 months of progress in 19 months time. We were so proud of our little girl and so thankful to Easter Seals for all their help.

With the tools we learned from Edyn's therapists, we've been able to identify situations that may be difficult for Edyn to handle and help her process what she's feeling so she doesn't miss out. Edyn, now enjoys going to the movie theater (not exactly a sensory-friendly environment), seeing musicals, and going to baseball games.

Last year, Easter Seals provided over 25,000 hours of Specialized Pediatric Therapy to kids like Edyn. Each hour of Specialized Pediatric Therapy costs $120 and my goal is to raise 5 hours. Will you help me reach my goal? It’s as easy as clicking the donation button! You can also call me during the Easter Seals Telethon. I post the number to call on my social media accounts once the telethon starts each year.

Donate today!

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